Help Big Nick

Big Nick Can!

Nick Fardell is running for The Nationals WA at the next Federal election. Your donation and support can make all the difference to Big Nick's campaign and his chances of representing you in Canberra.

A big State needs a big Senator, and Big Nick is up for the challenge!

$100 can buy 5x A1 signs to put on fences.

$200 buys a week's worth of Facebook ads for Big Nick.

$500 could buy radio ads for Big Nick for a week during the election campaign.

$1000 can employ one person to give Big Nick a hand full time for a week.

$10,000 could allow us to get life-sized cut-outs of Big Nick, so his big presence can be felt at polling places right across WA on election day.

Can you chip in to help out Big Nick?



Contributions are tax deductible.